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Plastic Nose Surgery ( Rhinoplasty Surgery ) Fort Myers


Your nose is one of your most prominent and easily noticeable features. When you’re dissatisfied with its shape or size, you can feel a lack of confidence in your entire appearance. Fortunately, there are options for people feeling this way in Bonita, Naples or Fort Myers. Rhinoplasty Surgery from Dr. Robert Mandraccia can address your worries and give you a nose you like.
Dr. Mandraccia is skilled and experienced with facial plastic procedures in Fort Myers. Rhinoplasty Surgery is one of the more common and popular facial plastic surgery, and we’ll help you determine if the procedure is appropriate for your needs.
We’re committed to providing you with a rhinoplasty experience that is both effective and safe. A mis-shapen nose is not just a plastic issue; it can lead to serious issues with breathing and sleeping. By giving you a more proportional, structurally sound nose, we can dramatically increase your quality of life.
If you’re a south Florida resident considering going to a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers or elsewhere in southwest Florida for rhinoplasty, please call Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia, MD today at (239) 443-4633 .

Undergoing Rhinoplasty Surgery in Fort Myers

Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed procedure with an excellent safety record, but it is still surgery. When choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty, you should always pick a board-certified plastic surgeon with ample experience in the field. Dr. Mandraccia has both qualifications.

There are two primary variations on the rhinoplasty procedure:

  • Traditional: This is the most common rhinoplasty procedure Dr. Mandraccia performs. This involves making small incisions inside the nostrils, where they will be hidden from view, then re-shaping the bones, cartilage and tissue inside the nose.
  • Open: For more challenging cases, an open rhinoplasty might be appropriate. In an open rhinoplasty, Dr. Mandraccia will make a small incision across the columella, which is the small strip of skin between your nostrils. Once the incision is made we will re-shape all the appropriate tissues and bones.

Dr. Mandraccia makes sure of all his Fort Myers patients get the rhinoplasty procedure that is safe and appropriate for them.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty Surgery

One of the more common rhinoplasty surgery questions we field concerns post-surgical recovery. If you’re a busy person with familial and business commitments across Fort Myers, rhinoplasty recovery is a significant question for you. Most patients return to work about a week after their rhinoplasty and resume their full range of activities (such as exercise and other strenuous physical activities) after two or three weeks. We’ll place a splint on your nose when you go home; this is usually removed after seven to 10 days. It can take about a year for the tissues in your nose to soften enough so that you’ll see the final results, but you’ll begin to see your new shape at about the three-month mark. There will be some swelling and tenderness after the procedure, but oral medication can address any discomfort.

Dr. Mandraccia conducts many plastic surgery procedures under IV sedation with certified nurse anesthesia in the privacy of his own office. Dr. Mandraccia’s office has been certified by the Florida Board of Health as meeting its stringent requirements. Patients can choose for general anesthesia in the surgery center located in our building that is jointly owned by Lee Memorial and Naples Community Hospitals.

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