AlloDerm | Non-Surgical Procedure

AlloDerm Fort Myers


AlloDerm® is an injectable filler used to enhance lips or fill in lines and creases that develop due to aging, gravity, chewing, and repeated facial expressions.

AlloDerm is made of human tissue containing the collagen and proteins found naturally in human skin. Because the structural proteins of AlloDerm come from human tissue, it stimulates your body to eventually fill in the treated area with your own tissue.

Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and used safely and effectively in humans since 1992, more than 50,000 patients have chosen AlloDerm to reduce or reverse the signs of aging.

If you think AlloDerm might be the right injectable filler for you, call (239) 443-4633 to schedule a personal consultation with Ft. Myers plastic surgeon Dr. Mandraccia.

The AlloDerm Consultation

Your consultation at the Florida plastic surgery office of Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia is the best way to determine if AlloDerm is right for you. Your medical history, prior surgical procedures, current medications (including vitamins and herbs) and allergies will be discussed. Be very thorough in providing complete information to Dr. Mandraccia to prevent potential complications. Since smoking and alcohol use can affect your ability to heal, tell Dr. Mandraccia if you smoke or drink alcohol.

Dr. Mandraccia will also be interested in why you are considering AlloDerm and what your expectations are for the outcome of the procedure. Finally, he will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure so you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed.

The AlloDerm Procedure

Dr. Mandraccia generally performs AlloDerm injections in his state-of-the-art office. The Alloderm procedure includes a small local anesthetic injection to numb the area to be treated, then AlloDerm is injected with a very fine needle. Dr. Madraccia will likely inject a small amount of extra AlloDerm, known as “overcorrection”, to the treated area, since some initial volume may be lost. No bandages will be necessary following the procedure. You can apply makeup, moisturizer, or sunscreen immediately, although you may wish to apply an ice pack to reduce swelling in the treatment area. Strenuous activities, heavy lifting and aerobic exercises will be restricted for the first two days, and Dr. Mandraccia will advise you when it is safe to resume these activities.

AlloDerm Results

The contour of your face will be noticeably improved immediately. While very mild swelling may take several days to subside, most patients can resume normal daily activities within 24 hours, except for those activities that have been restricted.

Are you a good candidate for AlloDerm? Please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia, MD at (239) 443-4633 to schedule your consultation with our Fort Myers plastic surgeon.