Breast Reduction Fort Myers



If you have oversized breasts, you know the difficulties they can cause you on a daily basis – neck, shoulder and back pain, bra straps digging into your shoulders, self-consciousness and limitations in physical activity. If this describes you, it’s time to consider breast reduction surgery with Dr. Mandraccia.

Of all reconstructive surgery patients, women who have a breast reduction Fort Myers performed by Dr. Mandraccia are among the happiest with the outcome. But, you should be aware that breast reduction surgery is considered a reconstructive procedure. This means that it is a fairly involved operation and you should only opt for it if you have pain or are limited in how active you can be. You should not elect to have this surgery for plastic reasons only.

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The Breast Reduction Fort Myers Procedure

A breast reduction Fort Myers procedure performed by Dr. Mandraccia generally takes two to four hours and is performed while you are under general anesthesia. There are many different techniques, but the most common involves a ‘lollipop’ or TUBA incision that begins in the navel and travels up the torso to the breast. Dr. Mandraccia prefers this method because the shape of the breast is much improved and far less invasive. Patients may also require a small implant for fullness.

Through this incision, Dr. Mandraccia:

  • Removes excess fat and breast tissue
  • Moves the aureola up into its new position in the middle of the breast
  • Re-contours the breast by moving the remaining skin from below the aureola and both sides of the breast up to create the new shape and stitch it into place.

Those desiring larger breasts are advised to have the procedure in two stages.

Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

After your procedure you will feel some pain, which Dr. Mandraccia will control with prescription medication. You chest will either be wrapped with an elastic bandage and/or a surgical bra over dressings to help reduce swelling and aid in the recovery process. Dr. Mandraccia may also insert a small plastic tube into each breast to help drain excess blood and fluids.

The bandages and tubes will be removed by Dr. Mandraccia a few days to a week after your breast reduction surgery, but your breasts may ache or hurt up to four weeks. Most women can return to work within two weeks, but you will feel fatigued and should limit your activities until your energy returns.

Dr. Mandraccia performs many plastic surgery procedures under IV sedation, with certified nurse anesthesia present, in the privacy of his own office. This office has been certified by the Florida Board of Health as meeting its stringent requirements. Patients can opt for general anesthesia in the on-site surgery center, which is jointly owned by Lee Memorial and Naples Community Hospitals.

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