Cosmetic Surgery Financing Frequently Asked Questions


When I call around for prices on cosmetic surgery procedures I get different quotes from different places. Why is that?

Apples and oranges. The best way to compare cosmetic surgery prices is to simply ask for the surgeon's fee only and compare that from surgeon to surgeon. You should also ask for the total cost and try to obtain a very specific quote, such as specific costs for hospital charges, operating room charges, recovery room charges, any medication charges, anesthesia charges, consultation fees and other fees that might apply. This will allow you to compare prices.

How do I find out what a reasonable fee is for a certain cosmetic surgery procedure?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons maintains a web site that can give you this information. Only surgeons' fees are quoted, so it is easy to compare. Remember there are always additional costs such as hospital fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, materials, medications and other costs. These fees are so variable they are not included in the ASPS data.

Many of these cosmetic surgery procedures cost about $5,000. What if I am not sure I can afford that?

Many cosmetic surgery patients finance their procedures and we have access to many finance options. Cosmetic surgery is an expensive investment, but you have to compare it relative to some other major purchases you make in your life. A very common purchase most people don't bat an eye at is the purchasing of a new car - which may cost at least $20,000. Consider the amount of time you are able to enjoy your car on a day-to-day basis and compare that to the amount of time you are able to enjoy the results of your operation. Perhaps you should consider postponing the purchase of a new car for another half year to a year so you can afford your cosmetic surgery. Remember, $5,000 financed over three years represents a monthly payment of $142 while $20,000 financed over the same amount of time represents a monthly payment of $500. If you're able to handle both payments in the same month, you can afford a new car and your operation. But if that monthly obligation becomes too much, perhaps you should consider postponing the purchase of a new car so you can enjoy the results of your cosmetic surgery procedure. Carefully consider your overall financial picture and make a smart decision.

I have heard of your financing program. Could you tell me more about it?

We have a number of different options available for you to finance your cosmetic surgery procedure. Our cosmetic surgery coordinator will spend time with you during your consultation to see what the best option would be for you. Once you have made a decision to have your body contouring surgery, the appropriate methods of financing can usually be worked out.

Will my insurance cover any of the costs of cosmetic surgery?

With the exception of a small number of procedures, cosmetic surgery is considered "elective" and doesn't allow for coverage by most insurance plans. However, in certain circumstances where someone's ability to function in his or her day-to-day activities is limited by a certain condition -- extremely large breasts, droopy or sagging eyelids, or even difficulty in breathing -- that person may qualify for some insurance coverage.

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