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Chemical Peels

Facial Chemical Peels


Facial chemical peels are a common cosmetic procedure for Dr. Mandraccia patients in the Ft. Myers area because they can help eliminate imperfections and wrinkles on your skin without any invasive surgery. If you have fine lines to deep wrinkles on your face, neck, upper chest and arms, or suffer from any of the following conditions, you are an ideal candidate for a facial chemical peel:
  • Uneven pigmentation problems,
  • Enlarged facial pores,
  • Superficial acne scars on the face,
  • Age spots

The purpose of a chemical peel is to smooth problem areas and give skin a more youthful appearance and uniform color. Light, medium, and deep peels are available, depending upon the depth and severity of your skin condition.

The Chemical Facial Peel Procedure

Facial chemical peels are done on an outpatient basis under either sedation or local/general anesthesia. Dr. Mandraccia offers light and medium depth peels that do not usually require any anesthesia. After preparing the skin, a series of solutions is applied that will remove the top layers of damaged or wrinkled skin, leaving only the fresh layers below. This process stimulates collagen production and improves your overall skin texture.

Recovery from Chemical Facial Peels

During your recovery you will need to follow a specific set of written instructions that Dr. Mandraccia will provide you. The treated areas will need to be washed, and medicated lotions prescribed by Dr. Mandraccia will need to be applied, several times daily.

After light chemical peels, the treated skin will turn red or pink and heal without crusting. After medium or deep peels, a superficial crust or membrane usually forms and peels off three to seven days later, like a sunburn blister – revealing a new skin surface that is smoother. The skin redness caused by deeper peels usually fades in a month or two.

For more information, see Questions About Chemical Peels.

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