Lifestyle Lift Files for Bankruptcy


On March 27 of this year, the plastic surgery chain Lifestyle Lift™ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after closing nearly all its branches and laying off hundreds of employees. According to financial documents released in bankruptcy court, the company had less than $50,000 in assets and owed over $10 million.

Why did Lifestyle Lift go under? We've outlined the problems with Lifestyle Lift, and the short answer is, the procedures performed by doctors at Lifestyle Lift simply weren't very good. The plastic surgery review site RealSelf showed that only 75% of Lifestyle Lift patients were satisfied with the procedure- if you got one, there's a 1 in 4 chance you weren't happy with how it turned out. And the actual percentage may be even lower, because Lifestyle Lift previously got in trouble when it submitted hundreds of fake positive reviews to sites like RealSelf.

One reason Lifestyle Lifts were so unsatisfying is that their business model valued quantity over quality: the so-called "one-hour facelifts" are designed to minimize the amount of time the surgeon spends working on the patient. If the patient's results are less than ideal, it doesn't matter to the surgeon, who is already moving on to the next operation. By forcing so many patients through its doors each day, Lifestyle Lifts managed to remain profitable...until it ran out of people willing to submit to a subpar facial procedure.

At the practice of Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia, we don't believe in an assembly-line approach to plastic surgery. We recognize that our patients are individuals with different preferences and needs, and we strive to give every patient the one-on-one attention she or he deserves. Rather than minimizing the amount of time you spend in our office, we do our best to maximize the amount of time your results last. We produce long-lasting and natural-looking outcomes with our facial procedures, and we're pretty sure that we'll never run out of people who want that.

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