Beware of “Bargain” Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Myers


Dr. Robert Mandraccia understands that the price of cosmetic surgery is always going to be a concern for his Fort Myers-area patients. As a result, it's tempting when you see advertisements from doctors offering what seem to be great deals on cosmetic surgery.

These “great deals,” however, usually turn out to be anything but. The physical, psychological and financial costs of poor plastic surgery are immense, and the best way to avoid them is to choose a plastic surgeon you can trust.

Don't make your choice based on price. Make your choice based on a doctor's qualifications. Dr. Mandraccis is a board-certified plastic surgeon, which means he has demonstrated impressive, specialized experience and skill.

Many doctors offering cosmetic surgery procedures can't claim this. There's no legal requirement that a doctor have special training or experience before offering cosmetic surgery. Some doctors lake this training and experience but offer these procedures in an effort to enlarge their profits.

Their initial prices might be cheaper, but fixing poor plastic surgery is not cheap or pleasant. When you choose Dr. Mandraccia, you choose a doctor who has proven himself as a provider of safe, effective cosmetic surgery to the residents of the Fort Myers area.

If you live in the Fort Myers, Florida area and you're looking for a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia today.