Frequently Asked Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Questions



Will I be able to tolerate the postoperative pain of cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Mandraccia understands each patient will tolerate postoperative pain differently. While some cosmetic surgery patients may describe the pain as an ache, others may experience greater discomfort. Dr. Mandraccia prescribes appropriate pain medications for postoperative patients, which will help minimize your discomfort. With the use of newer medicine, you have decreased pain, and many patients take minimal pain medications following their cosmetic surgery procedure.

Most facial cosmetic surgery procedures, such as facelifts, have minimal postoperative discomfort. Liposuction is slightly more uncomfortable, and procedures requiring elevation or tightening of the muscles (such as abdominoplasty or breast augmentation) may have discomfort equal to that of a C-section or other such surgical procedure.

How long is the recuperative period and when can I return to work?

The length of time it takes to recuperate after body contouring and cosmetic surgery will vary depending on the cosmetic surgery procedure performed and your specific pre-operative health. Most patients require assistance for the first two days following cosmetic surgery, and most care for themselves after that. A few patients may still require further assistance if they are caring for small children. The specific lengths of disability are outlined by procedure below.

Eyelid Surgery: Patients typically can get around independently by the second day. With the use of sunglasses, they may feel comfortable going to outside by day three or four, and with makeup could return to work in about five or seven days.

Facelift Surgery: Facelift patients usually can get around independently by the second day. They usually don't feel comfortable going out in public for five to seven days after the facelift. In many cases, facelift patients require 10-14 days before returning to work if employed in the public eye.

Breast Surgery: Patients usually can get around independently by the second day and many may return to work in about a week if they are not required to lift more than 15 pounds.

Liposuction: Patients usually can get around independently by the second day and perhaps earlier depending on the number of areas treated. Many patients return to work and normal activities in five to seven days.

Abdominoplasty: Body contouring cosmetic surgery patients may take between two to four days before getting around independently. The recovery is almost identical to C-section. Patients can return to a desk job at five to seven days, while other jobs may require 10-14 days.

When can I resume regular exercise?

The time frame in which a patient may resume her regular exercise will vary based on the cosmetic surgery procedure performed. Dr. Mandraccia encourages all patients to start a slow walking routine on the second day. He cautions against aerobic and more vigorous activities during the first two weeks following cosmetic surgery in order to decrease the risks of bleeding, swelling and bruising. Weight lifting and contact sports are normally allowed at one month in most cases.

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