Creating Your Facelift Recovery Space


Considering a facelift? Do not forget to consider the recovery period for this popular cosmetic procedure. A bit of forethought and planning will ensure your recovery goes smoothly, your results will be long-lasting, and your comfort will not be compromised.

The facelift is an outpatient procedure. Most patients are released on the same day of surgery to rest and recuperate at home. You will probably have a bandage around your face that will remain for several days until your follow-up appointment with Dr. Mandraccia. Medications to ease initial discomfort will also be prescribed.

Dr. Mandraccia recommends these steps to healing well and quickly:

  • To minimize typical swelling and bruising, keep your head elevated
  • Use ice to reduce swelling during the first few days, then warm compresses to lessen bruising
  • No exercise or heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks
  • Alcohol and spicy foods must be avoided
  • No smoking, since smoking can prevent healing
  • Follow the doctor's instructions to eat a soft diet
  • No showering or washing your hair until Dr. Mandraccia gives permission

Having a friend or family member present for support during the healing process can be very comforting and helpful. A number of other preparatory steps for setting up your recovery space will allow you the relaxation and rest so necessary to your overall recovery:

  • Fill your prescriptions before the facelift procedure to avoid trips to the pharmacy
  • Set up an area that includes a thermometer, gauze, bandages, and balms or ointments required for your incisions.
  • Think about where you will sit during recovery. A sofa works for some; others prefer a recliner. Lots of pillows and a warm blanket will help you remain comfortable.
  • Be sure the TV remote has fresh batteries, and you have plenty of books, magazines, etc. nearby. You may also want to think about the position of the TV in relation to where you will be spending your time recovering.
  • Make a list of important phone numbers to keep near the phone, and make sure the phone is close to your recovery area. Some facelift patients put the most important numbers on speed dial.
  • Lay out your clothes for the first few days, and choose button-, zipper- or snap-front shirts, sweaters and jackets that do not need to be pulled over your head.
  • Stock the recovery area with your favorite beverages so you can stay put. Staying hydrated is important as well.
  • Purchase convenience foods to keep meal preparation simple.

Preparing for recovery from your facelift procedure will help the time pass more quickly. To maintain your new, youthful appearance, ask Dr. Mandraccia about the recommended sun protection to minimize photo-aging and sun damage, and make healthy lifestyle choices to extend the results of the facelift procedure. You may also benefit from reviewing our facelift FAQ.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mandraccia or to learn more about facelift recovery, contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia, MD at (239) 633-8819 today.