Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon


Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mandraccia prides himself on providing quality, safe cosmetic surgery. He also realizes that his is an industry where discretion is a virtue. After all, the point is not to make you look like you’ve had cosmetic surgery – the point is for Dr. Mandraccia to improve your appearance as naturally as possible! With that in mind, Dr. Mandraccia has created some guidelines for those of you who have no referrals available, and aren’t sure how to begin your search for a cosmetic surgeon.
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You want a cosmetic surgeon that is experienced.  

Experience is especially important when it comes to cosmetic surgery, where the aesthetic success of the procedure is just as important as any other aspects. A lot of this success will depend heavily upon the skill of the cosmetic surgeon you choose.  It should be a given that your cosmetic surgeon uses the latest, safest equipment – but you also want to make sure he or she has the necessary artistic skills.  For over 15 years, Ft. Myers cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mandraccia has performed thousands of successful plastic surgery procedures.  He considers cosmetic surgery an art and a science, and takes great care to enhance your beauty.

You want a cosmetic surgeon that listens.

Cosmetic surgery is about making you look how you want to look, improving what you want improved. Dr. Mandraccia is an excellent listener. He will offer great suggestions to help you choose the cosmetic procedure right for you.  Additionally, Dr. Mandraccia will listen – and address – all of your questions about what the procedure entails, what the recovery will be like and any other questions you might have.  In Dr. Mandraccia’s office, there is no such thing as too many questions.

You’re in good hands with Dr. Mandraccia. With over 20 years in this community, he’s used cosmetic surgery to improve the lives of thousands. He has the artistry and skill necessary to improve and enhance virtually any aspect of your body. No matter what you’d like to change, Dr. Mandraccia can help. Aside from his professional experience, his top two specialties are listening and safety.

Dr. Mandraccia offers his Florida Board of Health certified surgery center, located in his office to ensure your comfort and privacy. His staff includes a certified nurse anesthesia with over a decade of experience. This facility is jointly owned by Lee Memorial and Community Hospitals, in conjunction with Dr. Mandraccia.

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