Breast Augmentation Candidacy


One of the most important elements of undergoing a successful breast augmentation is being a good candidate. There are some viability factors that may be beyond your control, but there are also some conditions that are directly affected by your choices.

At our Fort Myers plastic surgery office, we provide full personal assessments for potential breast augmentation patients to ensure that you are a viable candidate. Our board certified plastic surgeon will never perform a procedure that isn’t right for you.

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Fort Myers Breast Augmentation Candidates

The most important aspect of any plastic surgery procedure is always your safety. At our Fort Myers office, Dr. Mandraccia makes it his priority to ensure that the results we provide are achieved safely and effectively with minimal risk. In order to implement this philosophy, Dr. Mandraccia will consider both your mental and physical state when determining your candidacy.

Some of the physical requirements for viable breast augmentation candidates include:

  • Being at least 18 years of age
  • Having breasts that are fully developed
  • Being in a state of good overall health
  • Being free of any active infections

In addition to the basic physical requirements, ideal candidates should also:

  • Be psychologically and emotionally prepared for cosmetic surgery
  • Be willing to make lifestyle changes prior to surgery, specifically related to smoking, prescription use and alcohol consumption
  • Have realistic expectations about how the procedure will impact your life
  • Have reasonable expectations about what the procedure can and cannot accomplish

If Dr. Mandraccia has any concerns regarding your candidacy, he will discuss this with you during your personal consultation.

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