Is Your Plastic Surgery Center Certified?


Most patients who opt to get plastic surgery understand the importance of having their procedures performed by a surgeon been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. But you may not understand the importance of having your procedure done in a board certified surgery center.

Surgery centers that are certified by the Florida Board of Medicine meet certain requirements for patient safety and doctor preparedness. Almost all doctors agree that these requirements are necessary in order to safely perform surgery, and many surgical procedures cannot be performed in centers that don't have the certification.

Non-certified centers like Lifestyle Lifts get around the regulations by only performing surgeries with local anesthetic, but without certification, they cannot guarantee the same level of patient safety. In fact, this approach carries significant additonal risk, as surgeons must monitor the patient's vital signs at all times, which in turn distracts surgeons from the procedure they are performing. It's the surgical equivalent of texting while driving your car at 75 MPH: some people may think they can do it, but they're endangering others by even trying.

Plastic surgery is meant to enhance your life, not harm or shorten it, and choosing a doctor who works in a certified surgery center increases your odds of a safe and effective procedure. At the practice of Dr. Mandraccia, we use certified nurse anesthetists for any procedure that requires anesthetic. These experienced professionals focus only on your safety throughout the procedure, allowing Dr. Mandraccia to devote his full attention to getting the best possible results. The outcome is a surgery that is both safer and more effective than something you'll find in a non-certified surgery center.

Procedures that we can perform thanks to our Surgery Center Certification include:

If you live in Naples, Fort Myers, or the surrounding areas, and you want to make sure your plastic surgery is done in a state-certified surgery center, then you should set up your initial consultation with Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia. Contact us through this website to make an appointment, or give us a call at (239) 633-8819.