What is the Florida Board of Medicine?


When choosing your provider of cosmetic surgery in Ft. Myers, you want to choose a surgeon who has worked hard to establish the safety and reputation of his practice. Dr. Robert Mandraccia has done so.

This is proved in part by his use of a Florida Board of Medicine-certified surgical center. The Florida of Medicine is an entity whose members are appointed by the Governor of Florida. Its task is to ensure that all medical professionals who practice in the state meet certain standards and requirements.

They do so by inspecting and certifying, among other things, surgical facilities such as the one Dr. Mandraccia operates. This certification means that the facility meets the board's high standards for safety and privacy.

Combined with Dr. Mandraccia's personal certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Board of General Surgery, it's clear that our practice is proven, effective and possessed of an excellent safety record.

Some doctors perform cosmetic surgery in surgical centers that are not certified by the Florida Board of Medicine. But Dr. Mandraccia has always been committed above all else to patient safety.

If you live in Ft. Myers, Florida and you want to learn more about our cosmetic surgery center, please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia today.