Tis the Season For a Tummy Tuck!


With the highest temperatures behind us and our short winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time to schedule your tummy tuck in Fort Myers. With Florida's extra-long summer season, it can be difficult to make time for an abdominoplasty without missing out on beach barbeques and pool parties. At the same time, you might be feeling uncomfortable in your bikini and ready to shape up before next year's swimsuit season is in swing.

While most cosmetic surgery patients tend to wait until spring to undergo surgery, winter can actually provide a much more ideal experience.

Though there are no added health benefits for undergoing tummy tucks in winter, it's still a prime opportunity to:

  • Make a discrete recovery - In Fort Myers there is very rarely a time when swimwear is not the preferred casual attire. Instead of trying to keep your body under wraps during the heat waves of spring, you can comfortably hide your post-operative recovery beneath your winter layers without raising any eyebrows.
  • Eliminate temptation - During your tummy tuck recovery, you'll need plenty of rest and will need to be mindful of your wounds. With the colder weather keeping us indoors, you won't have worry about summer's recreational temptations.
  • Avoid the spring rush - Spring is one of the busiest times of year for cosmetic surgery, but in the slower winter season, you'll have more options for scheduling appointments which will make it easier to adjust your plans accordingly.  

If you live in the Fort Myers or Naples area and you have been considering a tummy tuck procedure to give you a more toned beach-bod, take advantage of the winter weather and contact Dr. Robert Mandraccia at (239) 633-8819 to schedule your personal consultation today.