Should I Undergo A Lifestyle Lift?


It’s easy and tempting to get caught up in the pursuit of the newest and most “innovative” surgical techniques. Many Fort Myers-area patients looking for a facelift have been enticed by so-called “lifestyle lifts,” a new form of the facelift procedure that is supposedly less invasive than traditional techniques.

However, the reality is that these lifestyle lifts don’t offer advantages over the sort of proven, established techniques offered by Dr. Robert Mandraccia. The claims made in their advertisements are not supported by the facts. And sadly, some patients have come to Dr. Mandraccia for help after they were dissatisfied with the results of their lifestyle lifts.

Dr. Mandraccia is committed first and foremost to your safety. And when a facelift is the procedure in question, safety is certainly paramount; a mistake or a poorly designed procedure can leave a patient with significant, hard-to-fix cosmetic issues.

At Dr. Mandraccia’s office, we stick with what works. Our facelift procedures are proven and come with impressive safety records, which is why we utilize them. Fort Myers-area patients looking for a tighter, revitalized facial appearance will get everything they need from our facelifts.

If you’re a Fort Myers, Florida-area resident considering a facelift, please contact Robert V. Mandraccia, MD today.