Questions about Breast Lift


Explain the breast lift procedure. What results can I anticipate?
A breast lift surgically elevates the breasts’ positioning on the chest. The surgery is geared toward creating a more youthful look by raising sagging and drooping breast tissue.

How do I know if I am a candidate for this procedure?
Dr. Mandraccia can assist you in determining if you are a candidate for a breast lift procedure. Generally, a good surgical candidate has drooping breasts and is in good general health—both physical and mental. This person also understands the procedure and what it can accomplish.

What should I expect from the breast lift procedure?
Typically, the areola is placed higher on the breast while excess breast tissue is also incised away. Since tissue is eliminated, breast implants can be introduced to improve breast size and contour. One to three hours is required to finish this procedure, depending on its complexity.

How will I feel during my recovery period?
You will experience discomfort in the first few days following surgery, but your pain can be kept under control with pain medications and will diminish over time. You can return to work activities in around two weeks, but cannot lift anything heavy for a few additional weeks.

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