Live an Active Lifestyle after Breast Augmentation


The great thing about having your breast augmentation procedure performed at an accredited surgery facility like Dr. Mandraccia's is that you can improve your appearance without compromising your health or your lifestyle. With a careful assessment from our Fort Myers plastic surgeon, even the most athletic women should be able to enjoy the benefits of a breast augmentation without having to sacrifice physical activity.

For the average woman, most of your breast augmentation options will have little impact on how restricted your normal routine will become, and generally you should be able to participate in all of your favorite activities.

For athletic women who regularly participate in strenuous physical activity, you will need to give careful consideration to your breast implants regarding:

  • Breast implant size: Depending on the type of activities you do and how strenuously you perform, it might be advisable to choose a more moderate increase in your breast size so you can continue your activities without experiencing back pain, chest discomfort or other issues.
  • Breast implant placement: The placement of your implants not only effects the appearance of your breasts, but it will also impact your recovery time and how the implant responds to certain types of physical activities, such as body-building.

You should also keep in mind that during the immediate recovery period, your exercise routine will be limited to very light activity until Dr. Mandraccia advises otherwise. Fortunately in some cases, you may be encouraged to exercise in order to facilitate the healing process. Dr. Mandraccia can address any specific concerns about your personal work-out regimen or any other breast augmentation questions during your consultation.

If you are the Fort Myers or Naples areas and you would like to find out more about how breast augmentation can improve your self-image and your life, contact Dr. Robert Mandraccia M.D. at (239) 633-8819 to schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic