Lip and Facial Enhancement


Many patients call and ask about low-cost procedures which will improve looks, not take much time, with minimal down time.Lip and facial enhancement are some favorites of mine.There are many alternatives and "fillers" available so here are some of my choices, not necessarily in any order.

  • Autologous Fat: In this procedure, fat is harvested from the patient through mini-liposuction, spun down to improve purity, then reinjected into the lips and around the lower face.About 40% of the fat will grow and still be there after one year. Advantages: Can get a lot more volume at lower cost.
  • Alloderm:Is donor skin with all cells removed, comes freeze dried and is softened with saline then placed with instruments into the lips.It is very soft and long-lasting, up to 16 months.
  • Sortform:An updated version of Gortex. A hollow tube is inserted into the lips under local anesthesia. It can rarely become exposed or infected.
  • Collagen: The newest is Evolence which is porcine collagen and the manufacturer tells us it lasts over one year. It is placed by injection with a small needle.
  • Restylane and Juvederm: Both are Hyaluronic acid derivatives and fairly smooth with the nod on smoothness going to Juvederm.
  • Permalip:A relatively new concept, it is a small rod of silicone, comes in several sizes and is inserted under local anesthesia or with a lip block.It is permanent, fairly soft and loos natural.

All these procedures can be done under local anesthesia or with a dental block which will numb the area. Intended results vary as some patients want a natural look and others want the movie star look! (You know who I mean)

Patients with a history of fever sores should be on preventive meds such as Valtrex preoperatively. patients having these procedures should not drink alcohol or take blood thinners for at least a week before the procedure.Patients can go back to work fairly quickly and look quite good right away.

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Dr Mandraccia