Laser Skin Resurfacing for a More Radiant You


Laser skin resurfacing can be a great option for those with fine or deep lines and wrinkles that they would like to reduce; candidates for laser resurfacing are not interested in the recovery period, pain and bleeding that chemical peels can cause—but they still want a refreshed appearance.

What can Lasers Treat?

Laser skin resurfacing can treat fine or course skin wrinkles (usually on the face), differentiated skin surfaces caused by acne scars, small growths and hyper-pigmentation. Resurfacing is designed to give skin a smoother, more radiant appearance with uniform texture and color, but without the treatment depth or lengthy recovery period that chemical peels typically require.

The Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Patients can have their laser skin resurfacing done as an outpatient procedure and using local sedation and local or general anesthesia. A calibrated, pulsed laser will be employed to remove surface layers of the skins. The benefits of laser use are that Dr. Mandraccia is constantly in control of how deeply the laser treats the skin. Additionally, the laser makes the skin more taut.

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