The Importance of an Experienced Fort Myers Facial Surgeon


All cosmetic surgery is serious and calls for a steady, experienced hand. But this is particularly important when you're looking for a facial surgeon in the Fort Myers area. Facial surgery is difficult and sensitive, and you certainly want the right surgeon performing it.

Whether you're undergoing a facelift, a rhinoplasty or any other specific facial surgery, experience and skill are crucial for your facial surgeon.

Many doctors are reluctant to perform facial plastic surgery, and this is a result of the sensitivity of the procedures. Underneath your skin resides a tangled, complex network of nerves, muscles, fat and ligaments. Understanding how all of these variables interact and how to alter them in such a way as to achieve a specific cosmetic goal requires specialized experience.

And an error during a facial surgery can result in complications that are impossible to hide. Dr. Robert Mandraccia has helped many patients dissatisfied with the results of previous plastic surgeries.

Fortunately, none of this should dissuade you from undergoing facial surgery. When performed by our skilled, experienced, board-certified facial surgeon, these surgical procedures posses excellent safety records.

If you're looking for a facial surgeon in the Fort Myers, Florida area you know you can trust, please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia today.