How Does BOTOX Work?


Dr. Robert Mandraccia has worked hard to establish himself as one of southwest Florida's premier facial plastic surgeons. However, he understands that plastic surgery is not an option for many people in the Fort Myers area. If you're one of these people, BOTOX(R) might be right for you.

BOTOX(R) essentially works by short-circuiting the dynamics that create wrinkles in your face. These are caused by the contractions of your muscles. Over time, these contractions result in lines, creases and wrinkles.

The contractions occur when your muscles receive contraction orders from your nerves. BOTOX(R), which is a refined, medically engineered form of the botulinum toxin, blocks your muscles from receiving these signals. As a result, your muscles don't contract.

Eventually, the muscles will relax and your skin will smooth out, eliminating the wrinkles and creases that have been bothering you.

This dynamic is temporary and will wear off over time, usually around the six-month mark. At that point you can return to Dr. Mandraccia for another BOTOX(R) treatment.

As a facial surgeon with decades of experience helping the people of Fort Myers, Dr. Mandraccia understands when surgery is appropriate and when it's not. He'll help you decide if BOTOX(R) is right for you, and your safety is always his foremost consideration.

If you're a Fort Myers, Florida resident and you want to speak to our facial surgeon about BOTOX(R) and your other options, please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia today.