Facelifts vs. Lifestyle Lifts


Ask anyone you know what a facelift is, and the odds are they can give you a fairly accurate  description of what the procedure entails. The word "Lifestyle Lift™" is much less clear. We've previously detailed some of the problems with Lifestyle Lift, both as a company and a procedure, but how does their trademarked procedure differ from traditional face lifts?

Not much, as it turns out. Based on the descriptions of the procedure by doctors who use it, there is no appreciable difference between a Lifestyle Lift and a mini-facelift, which is designed to remove excess skin on the lower half of your face. Lifestyle Lift's marketing department was legally prohibited from describing the procedure as "revolutionary" because there's not enough difference between the two procedures.

The main difference is that Lifestyle Lifts don't use general anesthetic, only using a local anesthetic so that the patient is conscious while being operated on. Lifestyle Lift does this because many of their practices are not board-certified surgery centers and are not allowed to use general anesthetics. Also, when using a local anesthetic, the surgeon has to pay constant attention to the patient's vital signs rather than focusing on the surgery, and the patient is far more likely to experience discomfort during the procedure.

But there is one major difference in the technique used by Lifestyle Lift surgeons. Lifestyle Lift marketed itself as a place for the "one-hour facelift," and most of its surgical techniques ensure that the surgery is finished in as small a time as possible. This could result in surgeons skipping steps that could improve the quality of the facelift because they take too long.

At the practices of board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Mandraccia, however, the emphasis is not on speed, but on results. We want to give our patients a facelift that looks as natural as possible while lasting as long as possible. This means that we may take longer than an hour and use general anesthetic, but you will get more dramatic results and a greater amount of satisfaction with their facelift than they would otherwise. Our attention to detail and surgical expertise can help you look years younger!

If you want to discover what a results-oriented, board-certified plastic surgeon can do for you, contact the offices of Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia today! We can be reached at (239) 633-8819, and are happy to serve patients from Naples, Fort Myers, and the surrounding areas.