Does Breast Augmentation Address Sagging?


When Fort Myers women come to Dr. Robert Mandraccia to discuss their breast augmentation options, they often have a number of cosmetic issues they wish to address. Finding the right procedure is crucial.

One common concern for women is breast sagging. Low, sagging breasts can be de-moralizing and negatively affect a woman's self-esteem. If this is your primary consideration, a breast augmentation might not be right for you.

An augmentation will alleviate mild sagging as part of the procedure; if you have relatively insignificant sagging concerns while also looking for larger, fuller breasts, an augmentation can achieve this. However, a breast lift is specifically designed to addressed severe sagging concerns.

With a breast lift, Dr. Mandraccia can lift and tighten your breasts, improving your profile and the overall attractiveness of your breasts. In circumstances where you have significant sagging concerns while also looking to enlarge your breasts, we can combine a lift and an augmentation.

Dr. Mandraccia will have a sensitive, comfortable conversation with you about your cosmetic goals and how to best achieve them. Our priority is always your safety.

If you're a Fort Myers, Florida woman considering a breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia today.