Breast Reduction Surgery: Relief from the Pain and Limitations of Overly Large Breasts


If your breasts are overly large, you have no doubt experienced the discomfort this can cause including bra straps digging into shoulders, shoulder, back and neck pain, limits on the athletic activities you enjoy and the annoyance of unwanted attention.

Dr. Mandraccia in Fort Myers, Florida has performed multiple breast reduction surgeries and has been gratified to bring relief to many, many patients, who often describe the surgery as life-changing. Patients should understand that breast reduction surgery is an extensive surgical procedure. It is ideal for those with severe pain or limitations on their activities. It is not a procedure to be selected for cosmetic purposes only.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that typically requires two to four hours. General anesthesia is essential for the operation. Several techniques are utilized, but one of the most frequently performed is called a “lollipop” or TUBA incision. This procedure starts in the navel and continues up the torso to the breast and is Dr. Mandraccia’s preferred method because it is less invasive and results in better breast contours. For some patients, Dr. Mandraccia may utilize an implant to restore a degree of fullness.

If you live in the Fort Myers, Florida area and are interested in learning more about the relief that breast reduction surgery can offer, please contact the office of Dr. Robert Mandraccia to schedule an appointment today.