The Breast Lift Can Restore a More Youthful Look


Sagging and drooping breasts cause many women to seek out a proven procedure called the breast lift. In his Fort Myers, Florida area cosmetic surgery office, Dr. Mandraccia can consult with you about this procedure. Typically, time, gravity, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight loss are the culprits behind the inevitable sagging effect that the vast majority of women experience.

Dr. Mandraccia’s breast procedures can bring that youthful look back. An important point about breast lift surgery is that is can be combined with other breast procedures such as breast enlargement or breast reduction. In this way, patients not only achieve the lift they desire, but can also gain additional fullness or reduce the burden of overly large breasts.

In the mastopexy procedure, also known as the breast lift, Dr. Mandraccia moves the nipple and breast tissue to a higher level (at the breast fold level), taking into consideration what is thought to be the optimal position for the appearance of the breast. Dr. Mandraccia then performs a shaping procedure on the skin under the nipple to provide the patient with an improved shape to the breast. Saline or gel breast implants can be introduced at this point in the procedure for enlarging the breasts, depending on the patient’s wishes. Another factor involved will be the patient’s amount of breast tissue.

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