Breast Augmentation: A Gift To Yourself


Because a breast augmentation procedure can change not only your perception of yourself, but how your appearance is perceived by others, it's sometimes easy to feel pressured into opting for surgery for the wrong reasons. It's important to recognize that a breast augmentation procedure is about helping you feel comfortable with your body and not about pleasing anyone else. 

While Dr. Mandraccia understands how important it can be for a Fort Myers woman to feel confident about herself, as a trained professional and board-certified plastic surgeon he also knows that having realistic goals plays a key role in helping you achieve successful results that will leave you feeling satisfied and happy.

If you simply have an urge to impress others or you hope to gain attention or approval from certain people in your life, ultimately, a breast augmentation might not be the answer you're looking for. In fact, though the surgery itself is incredibly safe and effective, choosing to undergo breast augmentation for the benefit of someone else can be harmful to both your mind and body in the long run.

The reality is that no matter how skillfully Dr. Mandraccia performs your procedure, your expectations may never be met if you have unrealistic aspirations.

The best way to ensure you are a viable breast augmentation candidate is to schedule a personal and confidential consultation with Dr. Mandraccia. Though your friends, family and significant others may have some helpful advice, only a board-certified plastic surgeon is qualified to help you make an informed decision.

If you live in the Fort Myers or Naples, Florida area and you think a breast augmentation might be the right choice for you, please contact Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia at (239) 633-8819 today.