Breast Augmentation and Scarring


Breast scarring after breast augmentation occurs because of the small incisions the surgeon must make through which the saline or silicone implant is placed. Women choosing to undergo breast augmentation are rightfully concerned with scarring that might linger following the procedure, since permanent, unattractive scars may negate the beautiful results of breast augmentation and negatively effect self-confidence.

At the cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Robert V. Mandraccia in Fort Myers, Florida, we use highly specialized techniques, such as tiny nipple incision, Ebony Trans-Ax incision, infra-mammary and sub-mammary incisions designed to leave nearly invisible scars. Each patient undergoes allergy testing prior to surgery to avoid allergic reaction to the stitches, which can exacerbate scars. And of course, Dr. Mandraccia’s superior post-operative advice regarding the use of Vitamin E oil capsules or Vitamin A and E cream helps to further diminish the appearance of scars for our patients.

Dr. Mandraccia’s cosmetic surgery practice offers IV sedation right here in our own office and has recently been certified by the Florida Board of Health after meeting its stringent requirements. Procedures requiring general anesthesia are performed in the surgery center jointly owned by Lee Memorial and Naples Community Hospitals, conveniently located in the same building.

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